Published: January 30, 2017; updated: October 24, 2017

It is very hard to go wrong with anti-seize. I anti-seize pretty much everything that is, or can be, exposed to elements, including:

I do not apply anti-seize to:

Aluminum Vs Nickel

I use Permatex 80078 alimunum-based anti-seize for most of my anti-seizing needs including everything not exposed to high temperatures and brake fasteners. This lubricant is advertised at working up to 1600 degrees.

I also have Jet-Lube Nikal nickel-based anti-seize which is advertised at working up to 2600 degrees. I generally use this on exhaust fasteners.

I found the nickel-based anti-seize to seemingly dry off quicker when applied to, for example, brake bolts. I'm not sure if this is because I apply less of it due to the smaller brush size or the compound in fact drying off faster. I am also not sure if this drying off is a problem - perhaps the compound continues to work when it is dry.