I-95 Tolls

Published: December 2, 2013

I live in New York City area and always take I-81 to Summit Point. Last weekend I drove to DC area via I-95 and decided to look through my E-Z Pass statement to see what I paid for the tolls. It's a lot.

Going south:

Total tolls: $22.85

Going north:

Total tolls: $25.10

Even in my fuel efficient, 18 mpg (highway, empty) pickup truck I spend about $45 on fuel each way. The tolls are 50% of my fuel cost. Making the same trip in a car can make the tolls cost almost as much as fuel.

For comparison, the only toll on I-78/I-81 route is $1 going from NJ to PA, and the opposite way is free.

Tolls continue north on I-95. George Washington Bridge going into New York City is $13, I-95 exiting NY has another toll. I-95 is toll free through Connecticut and Massachusetts until New Hampshire which collects a toll, and Maine has tolls on I-95 as well. The only nice thing about New York is driving south is completely toll free.